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6 Dangers of Kids Spending Too Much Time on Electronic Devices​

6 Dangers of Kids Spending Too Much Time on Electronic Devices

Almost 90 percent of kids now enjoy watching electronic devices, including TVs, computers, mobile phones, and various tablet devices. In addition, there are many cartoons and children’s programs on the market now, which are favored by children. If children watch TV or other electronic devices for too long, it may cause some diseases.


What are the dangers of children watching electronic devices?



1, Damage to Hearing and Vision

Children watching TV, mobile phones, and other electronic devices for a long time will bring damage to their hearing and vision. Children’s vision development is not fully mature until they are about 12 years old, while the development of various organs and cells in the body is not mature in early childhood. Blue light and strong light emitted by electronic devices will damage vision and influence sleep. In addition, a high volume of TV and games can reduce a kid’s hearing.

2, Cause Obesity

Watching electronic devices for too long is easy cause obesity. The risk of obesity will be up to about 30% if playing electronic devices for more than 5 hours a day. Many children are less active while watching electronic devices, but they eat more snacks, which may lead to obesity.


3.Affects Brain Development

Watching electronic devices a lot will have a certain impact on the development of children’s brains because children are easy to indulge in the virtual world which leads to less exercise and does not do any good to children’s bodies and muscles, and in the long run is not conducive to children’s concentration. Studies have shown that the combination of more physical exercises and fewer electronic devices helps children improve their grades and have fewer abnormal behavior problems.

4, Affect Child’s Concentration

Prolonged exposure to electronic screens can ruin a child’s concentration. An Iowa State University study found that for children who are inattentive or prone to impulsive actions, prolonged screen exposure can have a greater impact, exacerbating the problem. Concentration is an important factor in determining children’s grades, so when a kid’s attention is not focused, it will seriously affect their learning.


5, Harm Kid’s personality

A child cannot read TV until the age of 3, they are curious about colors and sounds. Especially now the high frequency of advertising screen conversion, strong and bright colors will attract children’s eyes, which will make children addicted to electronic devices, leading to a lack of communication between children and parents, over time children can form an eccentric personality.


6, Bring Bad Influence on Children

Human nature is good, a child is like a blank sheet of paper, and cannot distinguish and judge good and evil. Some TV and mobile phones and other electronic devices may contain violent and scary pictures, which will bring adverse effects on children’s growth.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents set limits on screen time and the types of devices used by school-age children and adolescents aged 6 and older so that they don’t interfere with sleep, exercise, and other health-promoting behaviors. Parents can also set times such as meals and no mobile phones, computers, or television in the bedroom. Jenny Radsky, a University of Michigan expert who helped develop the recommendations, said in a statement that research on the effects of electronic devices on children’s development is limited, but that research has shown that some programs do teach children older than 3, but the effects on children younger than 3 are


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