A Must-Have Toy| Mini Bluetooth Printer for Children and Adults

A Must-have Toy for Kids and Adults| Mini Bluetooth Printer

Children adore brand-new toys and are constantly yearning for new ones to play with. They just want to play with it; they don’t care about the name or the cost. Children may learn and explore the world through toys. Additionally, toys today serve multiple purposes. Kids can be entertained by them for many hours, and often even days. Parents must buy their children toys that will foster the development of abilities like creativity, empathy, and problem-solving.

Would you be drawn to a device that could be used by both adults and kids, helping your kids with their education while encouraging their creativity?

A tiny, portable printer is the solution. This is a Mini Bluetooth Printer, a compact machine that prints stickers and receipts. In this blog post, we’ll go into greater depth about the tiny printer.



01 Aesthetics, Size, and Color

This series of mini Bluetooth printer includes 3 versions, designated A8A, A8B, and A8C, respectively. Except for the visual differences, all functions are the same.

A8A is just brown and has a bear-like shape; A8B is pink and blue and has a silicone bracelet that attaches to the printer; and A8C is a happy cat that is also pink and blue.

AA A8 printer mini

Each of the three models is the same size and weight, measuring 11x8x4cm (4.33×3.15×1.57 inches)! It is simple to carry in a pocket or backpack and is light and small enough for small hands to grip. It is ideal for small settings like an adult home desk or an office cubicle due to its small size.

On the printer’s body, the switch button is on the left, the paper slot button is on the right, and the charging port is up top. The little printer’s design is incredibly child-friendly and gorgeous, making it simple for kids to use.

02 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Connection

The mini Bluetooth printer is a wireless device that can be linked to any mobile device over Bluetooth and supports Bluetooth 5.0. It is a tiny, portable printer that can wirelessly print stickers and photos from any location within Bluetooth range.


Suitable with both iOS and Android operating systems. A high-quality thermal print head that can print on thermal paper measuring 57 mm in width by 30 mm in roll diameter is included with the pocket printer. And it has a built-in rechargeable 1000mAH lithium battery that allows it to operate continuously for a full day’s worth of use (15 hours). HD printing at a resolution of 203 DPI. This is a quiet, high-quality pocket thermal printer that uses less energy.


03 Inkless Thermal Printing

Instead of using ink to print, certain types of printers use heat. They function by heating the paper before pressing it firmly against the print head to imprint an image on the paper. Because printing in black and white is less expensive than printing in color, thermal printers are growing in popularity. Additionally, since they don’t need ribbons or ink cartridges, printing costs are decreased. If you don’t need color printing and want to save money, thermal printers are a wonderful choice. Both adults and kids can possess a tiny printer thanks to its high efficiency and low cost.


04 Excellent with Thermal Papers & Stickers 

A little printer is appropriate for those who only need to print a few sheets of paper or stickers. Labels and receipts may be printed in black and white, and since only paper needs to be loaded before printing can begin, printing is quick and simple. The Mini printer is a fantastic printer for use at home, in the office, and in many other places. You can quickly and simply connect it to a computer thanks to its USB connectivity.


05 Multipurpose & Perfect Gift 

The Bluetooth printer prints documents like memos, stickers, labels, and QR codes. Additionally, it can assist with organizing and summarizing work plans, grocery lists, etc., which increases productivity. For youngsters, students, teachers, and parents, it is a great tool for work and life and is ideal for usage at home and in the office.



krsmoil ticket printer 05

01 Before using it for the first time, please charge it. Long press the power button for 3 seconds to boost

krsmoil receipt printer 06

02 To find the app on Google Play or the App Store, type in “WalkPrint” or “iBleem.”¬†

krsmoil mini printer 07

03 Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, look up the device in the app and connect.¬†

krsmoil kids printer 09

04 A QR code is printed out by either pressing the printer power button twice. To connect the device, scan the QR code on the paper with the downloaded APP.


01 To automatically lift the lid, press the paper slot open key in the lower right corner. 

krsmoil portable 02

02 Position the paper roll in the manner indicated. The paper must be positioned correctly‚ÄĒstraight, not curved.¬†

krsmoil label printer 03

03 Close the paper slot so that after regular usage, the printer may feed paper itself. 

krsmoil bluetooth printer 04

04 When the aforementioned steps are followed correctly, the printer can print as usual.


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