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Fun print, Walk Print, Tiny Print Tutorial: Exciting Print Life!

Fun print, Walk Print, Tiny Print Tutorial: Exciting Print Life!

Today, with the advancement of digitalization, printing is no more a tedious activity, but rather a small joy in life that may be filled with pleasure and creativity. The introduction of small Bluetooth printers has increased the convenience and customization of printing to new heights. To allow you to completely feel the surprise brought about by this change, three apps connected with mini Bluetooth printers – Fun print, walk print, and tiny print – were created. They not only make printing easier, but also add unlimited color to our print life.

Fun print, walk print, and tiny print are all built for mini Bluetooth printers and contain rich templates and sophisticated editing options, making it simple to produce one-of-a-kind prints, such as a holiday card, a photo wall, or a creative label, with a single click. The significance of these softwares in the realm of tiny Bluetooth printers is self-evident. They not only improve the content and form of printing, but they also transform it into a living art form. Whether at home, school, or the office, this software may add color and convenience to our daily life.

As a result, the purpose of this tutorial is to help you better understand and use these software programs so that they may genuinely be a beneficial tool in our life. Next, we will go over the operation methods, features, and application cases of these three softwares in depth, with the goal of assisting you in quickly mastering printing skills and having fun with printing. Let’s explore the creative and enjoyable world of printing together!


Software Installation and Setup
01 Download and Install.

Equipment and system requirements: Fun Print, Walk Print, and Tiny Print are all Android and iOS compatible. It is available for download on the Google Play store for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.

To communicate normally with the printer, the device must have Bluetooth enabled.

02 Installation

Open your phone and navigate to the App Store (or Google Play).

Enter “Fun Print”, “Walk Print”, or “Tiny Print” into the search box, then select the appropriate software and click Download.

Once the download is complete, click Install and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

03 Bluetooth Connection Settings

Opening the Software: Once the installation is complete, tap the software icon on your phone’s desktop to open Fun Print, Walk Print, or Tiny Print.

Go to the Bluetooth Connection Screen: Locate and select equivalent options such as “Me”, “My”, or “Profile” from the software’s main screen. Choose “Connect”, “My device”, or “My printers” from the menu that appears.

Search and Connect Printers: Make sure the printer is turned on. The software will automatically search for nearby Bluetooth devices and include your printer in the results. To initiate a pairing connection, click on your printer’s name.

Connection Successful:When the software indicates that the connection is successful or the printer status switches to “connected”, it means that your phone and printer have successfully established a Bluetooth connection.

fun print pocket printer
Printer Models Supported by the Applications

First, let us look at the Fun Print app. This program is fully compatible with a variety of tiny Bluetooth printer models; detailed pairing models are listed below.









The walk print app is next on the list. The software is also compatible with a wide range of tiny Bluetooth printers that are not only portable but also powerful, making them ideal for a number of printing applications.








Finally, there’s the Tiny Print app.





Software Function Introduction
01 Primary functions of the software

These three applications are preloaded with hundreds of free templates in a variety of themes and styles, covering all types of festivals, animals, plants, sketches, charming patterns, and so on, as well as a variety of label templates, allowing you to select the best template for your printing requirements. You can easily manage tasks such as generating personalized labels, printing ledger material, and adding beauty to your home.

Picture printing

You may simply print excellent images by first selecting the image you want to print, cropping, resizing, and performing other operations using the software’s built-in editing tools, and then selecting the appropriate paper.

Label printing

The software includes an abundance of label templates; you may select the best template for your purposes, enter the label content, modify the font and size, and ultimately print a personalized label.

Text printing

In addition to images and labels, all three programs offer text printing. You can enter the text you wish to print, select the font, size, and arrangement, and then print out stunning text masterpieces.

Text scan

The software’s text scanning function allows you to easily convert paper documents to electronic files. Simply place the document on the scanner and use the program to scan the contents to your phone or computer for future editing and printing.

Banner Printing

These three apps give a straightforward option for events that require banner creation. You may print attractive banners by selecting the appropriate banner template, entering the text content, and adjusting the font, size, and layout, followed by the appropriate paper and print quality selection.

QR Code Printing

The software allows customized QR code content, generates the relevant QR code with a single click, and sends it immediately to a portable thermal printer for printing. The printed QR code is clear and accurate, allowing consumers to rapidly scan the code to find information.

Web printing

The three apps programs include web printing capabilities. Users merely type or paste a web link into the software, and the content of the web page is immediately loaded and optimized to fit the thermal printer’s print size. Users may preview the print effect, make any necessary revisions, and print with a single click. This feature substantially simplifies the user’s requirement to print web information rapidly in the mobile environment.

fun print label printer
02 Key AI functions

Tiny print is a software upgrade that incorporates AI capabilities to make printing smarter. Tiny print’s AI function, for example, may generate photos based on your instructions or transform uploaded images into creative formats such as composite images, cartoon images, and so on, allowing you to achieve satisfactory printing results without the need for manual adjustments.

03 Practical Function Examples

Make personalized labels: You may simply create a variety of customizable labels, including name labels, item labels, and more. Simply select the suitable template and insert the label content to print a stunning label.

Print Journal or Scrapbook Materials: These apps has an abundance of attractive material templates from which you can select the one that best suits your printing requirements. Background paper, stickers, and dividers can all add interest to a journal or scrapbook.

Software Tips and Tricks

Proper Paper Loading: Before printing, make sure the paper size matches the software settings. At the same time, place the paper smoothly into the paper slot to avoid a paper jam or printing dislocation.

Improve the Print Quality: High-quality thermal paper and sSticker paper produce excellent print results.

Batch Printing: If you need to print many documents, use the software’s “batch printing” function. Selecting many files for printing at once can significantly increase efficiency.



Store in A Cool Place Away from Light: To avoid moisture, distortion, and fading, store printed paper in a cool, dry place away from light.

Ensure Bluetooth Connection Stability: If you’re using a printer that supports Bluetooth, make sure the connection between the devices is stable. Before printing, check the Bluetooth connection state to avoid printing failure due to connectivity issues.

Update Program Versions Regular: It is advised that the print software version be updated on a regular basis for optimal functioning and security. New releases frequently address known issues, include new features, and enhance program stability.



Looking back on the experience with these tools, it is clear that understanding the proper application of abilities and techniques is critical. Through continual trial and error, we can progressively get to know with the many capabilities and operations of the program, allowing us to become more experienced in using them to fulfill various printing tasks. Simultaneously, we should pay attention to software updates and maintenance to guarantee that the program is always in good working order and can better serve our lives.

We hope that by continuing to learn and explore, we will have a deeper understanding of the applications for these little Bluetooth printers, allowing them to play a larger role in our work and lives. Let us experience the convenience and excitement of printing together!

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