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How to Select A Kids Camera for Your Child

How to Select A Kids Camera for Your Child

Children will encounter a lot of confusion in the process of growing up, they need to understand the structure and context of things and parents must inspire them, therefore the gifts for children should be thoughtful and instructive, and an educational kids camera is one of them as we recommend.

Do you know how to select a kids camera?

 1. Size and Weight

Given the small size of a child’s hands and lack of strength, children aged 3-5 should choose a 2-inch camera. A small screen means relatively lightweight, and an oversized model is slightly difficult for a child to take pictures of. 

A child’s camera should be no wider than 10cm for a 2-inch screen. 

Age group summary: A 2-inch toddler camera is suitable for kids aged 3-5 years old. Children aged 7 years old and above can choose a model that is about 2.4 – 3 inches, a slight increase in weight and overall width is fine.


2. Camera Pixels 

The higher the resolution, the higher the quality. 

Generally, 5MP and above photo resolution is good for kids. With greater resolution, the pictures will look great on any screen and kids can develop their photos with better quality. 

At present, the camera pixels on the market increased a lot, generally to 8-20MP, which is suitable for all children.


3. Chargeable Battery

Some users require children’s cameras to have a recording function which means it comes with a large battery capacity.

Nowadays, children’s cameras come with rechargeable lithium batteries and USB charging cables. Once the battery is low during use, it can be directly charged, which is convenient and environmentally friendly.

The 400mah battery can be used for about 2-3 hours of play after a full charge, and the 500-800mah battery is about 3-5 hours.

Usually, a 2-inch camera has a built-in 400-500mah battery, while a 3-inch camera has a built-in 500-800mah battery. Parents should consider the child’s age and the actual situation in making the decision.


4. Fall-proof Design 

Most children’s cameras feature a fall-proof function, which is designed to prevent cameras from falling to the ground when they lose their grip on the camera. The shockproof shell provides effective anti-fall protection. Therefore, fall-proof is for the long-term use of the camera. 

Usually, children’s shells are recommended to use silicone materials, the silicone shell not only feels soft and contains high-quality crack resistance, but also has environmental protection!


5. Files Transfer

Basics: Support fast archiving to the computer through the USB interface, suitable for kids aged 3-5 years. 

Advanced: Support WIFI or OTG transmission, is a good choice, suitable for kids aged 6-12 years. 


6. Simple Operation Interface 

The interface does not require too many keys/ buttons, otherwise, it will be particularly tedious for kids to operate. The buttons on a 2-inch children’s camera are relatively simple.



Best Gift for Your Kids

Some children’s cameras support front and rear camera lenses, selfies, and videos, and come with funny stickers and frames, allowing children to explore and discover beautiful things during play, and record the world with the tiny camera. This helps them to recognize the colors of nature, observe the shapes of nature, and even recognize the sounds of nature, and exercise their hands-on skills, which are more conducive to developing their enthusiasm for life in the future.


These toy cameras offer a realistic photography experience for kids with the ability to shot in numerous different modes. Take picture with your child, share with friends and family, create beautiful memories from your child’s view.

Liberate your child’s playful nature and give them a child’s camera!


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