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Print Picture Camera for Kids, 2022 Newest Flipped Camera

Print Picture Camera for Kids, 2022 Newest Flipped Camera

What’s a print picture camera? It’s a camera that quickly develops the photo itself so that you and your friends can see what you’re taking a picture of. There’s no need to buy and use those costly film cartridges. You can take as many photos as you want with this new instant camera, and just buy thermal paper rolls. 


Upgraded Flipped Camera

This is a new generation of the instant camera. This kid’s instant camera is the newest, high-resolution, flipped-style camera with a good grip. Check out some cool features this camera has: a 2 Inch IPS screen, 24 megapixels, flipped camera, and instant printing. There are also video shooting, stickers, games, playback, timed photos, auto-focus, auto-dodge, date settings, etc. 

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The newest instant camera comes with a 2-inch IPS display, your pictures will pop and it is great for kids who want to take pictures. It has a sleek design and flips the camera vertically to fit more selfies in. The flipped camera allows you always be in the picture and an upgraded camera lens captures sharper pictures, making it easier for the child to see what they’re taking pictures of. 


Instantly Print

You can get all pictures right away and instantly print them with our included thermal paper roll. Using thermal printing technology, the printed black-and-white pictures come out in seconds once you press the shutter button. 

Large Battery and Lightweight

With its 1200mah lithium battery, kids can have all day of fun without running out of battery, and without missing out on any precious memories! 188g lightweight construction, the camera that’s as light and easy to carry as a deck of cards. Designed for kids and perfect for any occasion, parties, schools, trips, the beach, and carnies. Now kids can document every moment without worrying about running out of power and the instant print camera is easy to use and can save memories.

This instant print camera uses a premium thermal print head to print clear pictures that can be displayed immediately after taking photos. It is so simple to use and includes everything you need to take professional-looking photographs. It is perfect for the whole family! Kids will have fun customizing their prints with one of the included color replaceable filters that comes with every camera. Let your children take pictures and print them right away. The instant camera lets them explore their creativity and be a part of the picture!

The best print picture camera for instant memories, the perfect choice for everyone. You’ll never miss those happy, priceless moments in life again with the world’s first and best instant camera. Take fantastic photos on the go!


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