Tiny Print App Tutorial for Pocket Label Printer X5 X6 X7

Welcome to the world of endless possibilities with Krsmoil inkless mini printer and the feature-packed Tiny Print App! This tutorial will guide you through the steps to unleash the full potential of your inkless mini printer, enabling you to print thermal paper, sticker paper, explore creative realms with AI painting and cartoonish portraits, as well as perform character recognition, document printing, web page printing, and banner printing.

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Overview of Tiny Print App

01 New Function: AI painter

The Tiny Print app features new upgraded AI painter function featuring AI painting, cartoonish portraits, and line art. AI painting generates images based on your prompts, cartoonish portraits transform photos into cartoons, and line art changes images into black and white drawings. Explore these new creative options effortlessly with the Tiny Print App.

02 Other Functions

Other functions offers practical functions: character recognition, document print, web page print and banner print.

Character Recognition: Easily convert printed text into a digital format using your device’s camera.

Document Printing: Print documents directly from your device, streamlining the printing process for reports, memos, and important documents.

Web Page Printing: Quickly print web pages by entering the URL into the app, providing tangible copies for reference or sharing.

Banner Printing: Unleash creativity with banner printing. Design personalized banners or choose from templates for special occasions and events.

03 Provided Themes

The Tiny Print App offers a variety of themes with hundreds of images in categories like festivals, basics, animals, materials, and plants. Explore these diverse themes to enhance the visual appeal of your prints effortlessly.

Sticker Templates

From sticky notes with various frames to organized to-do lists and sorted labels, these templates provide versatile solutions for your printing needs. Elevate your organization and personalization game by effortlessly incorporating these sticker templates into your creative projects.

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Getting Started

Begin your printing adventure by installing the Tiny Print App on your device. Go to your app store or google play, follow the simple installation instructions, and you’re done. When the software is finished, you can easily connect your pocket label printer. This quick and simple setup ensures that you can dive right into a world of creative and practical printing possibilities.

Note: make sure your mini inkless printer is fully charged and power on.

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Printing Basics

Depending on your demands, choose between thermal paper and sticker paper when printing with your Inkless Mini Printer. Thermal paper is best for regular printing; sticker paper is best for personalized stickers and labels. Follow a few basic recommendations to get the greatest results: load the paper correctly, keep the printer clean, and modify settings as needed. These simple methods will assist you in achieving excellent printing quality every time.

Below are recommended thermal papers and sticker papers from Krsmoil.

Paper Rolls
Paper Rolls
Sticker Rolls
Sticker Rolls
Paper Rolls
Paper Rolls
Sticker Rolls
Sticker Rolls
Creative Printing Options

The Tiny Print App’s AI Painter function allows you to express your artistic side. Using the Cartoon Portraits function, you can easily change your images into playful cartoonish portraits. AI Painting generates images based on the cues offered. Line Art transforms your photos into several painting styles. Dive into a world of customisation with the app’s template library, which allows you to easily explore and modify your prints. These capabilities make the creative process simple, allowing you to easily add a touch of flair to your prints.

tiny print-cartoon
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Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter any issues, visit our FAQ section for solutions to common problems.

Ensure that the inkless paper is properly installed and that the printer has an adequate charge.

Maintenance and Care

Clean the printer’s rollers and exterior regularly.

Store the printer and paper in a cool, dry place.



You are now equipped to explore the full range of possibilities offered by your Inkless Mini Printer and the Tiny Print App. From creative endeavors to practical document printing, the Tiny Print App has you covered. Enjoy the convenience and creativity at your fingertips. Happy printing!

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