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WIFI Camera Instant with Cute Little Lion Shape – Gifts for Kids

WIFI Camera Instant with Cute Little Lion Shape - Gifts for Kids

Children adore taking pictures, so this camera instant is ideal for them! It appears to be a lion-shaped toy, but it’s a real camera with front and back functional lenses. This is a simple and enjoyable method to document your kids’ moments. The Lion print camera offers loads of entertaining features along with high-quality prints on thermal paper using no ink.


01 Cute Lion Appearance & Dual Cameras

With the help of our Kid Print Camera, you may help your kid become king or queen of the jungle. Because of its adorable lion design, this fantastic camera is ideal for young children who adore lions. This camera is made of durable plastic and is built to withstand regular use for many years. It has 2 lenses that make shooting images simple; all you have to do is push the button to take a picture‚ÄĒeven kids can do it! Your child’s imagination will be captured by this camera, no doubt.

02 2.4 Inch Screen, 12MP & 1080P Resolution

With the Kid’s Print camera, you may record your memories in a completely new way. With its 2.4-inch eye-protection color display, you can share your selfies and other photos instantaneously, and its 12MP and 1080p high-resolution cameras consistently provide stunning images without endangering your child’s eyes. You can keep the photos you like by instantly printing them. For your child, this camera is the ideal travel companion. A straightforward, vibrant camera that will enable them to record the most significant occasions in their lives.


03 Wifi Connect & APP Operation 

First, download FR-PRINT APP on y-our mobile phone, and connect to the camera WIFI, you can freely select the photographs you want to print. You can select from several print modes, including document, mobile album, custom note, memo template, colored drawing, puzzles print, and multi-map mode. Sending photos over Wifi is faster and easier. You can decide whether to print pictures from your camera or your phone. No more sending photos through the computer, saving time and effort.

04 Affordable Costs 

With its inexpensive cost and ability to print photos for pennies as opposed to dollars like other cameras, this kid-friendly digital camera printer is a great substitute for Polaroid cameras. It enables kids to shoot as many photos as they like without worrying about the high expense of film. Included are 3 rolls of painting paper.


04 Built-in 800mah Battery, Filters, and Games

The 800mAh battery in the instant camera allows for hours of use, kids can take up to 2000 images, and up to 400 photos can be printed. Kids’ instant cameras come with a sturdy lanyard that they can wear as a pendant, allowing them to carry them around and enjoy the excitement of documenting daily life without fear of losing or falling them. With the help of built-in filters and frames, children may add their creative touches to images and movies. The built-in games entertained kids all day.

05 Type-C USB Interface, Fast Charging

Forget about waiting for long hours for your camera to charge. Type-C interface charges faster than a small one. You can get a full charge in 1-2 hours and be happy and ready to shoot, without waiting around.


06 Accessory & Measurement

3 rolls of thermal paper, a manual, a camera, a charging cable, and a strap are all included in the box. The 32GB memory card is optional, so if you already have one, you don’t need to buy one and if you don’t, you may get one from us. The camera comes in a colorful package, making it the perfect present for children.¬†

The package is 18*14*6.5cm and weighs 470g. The camera is small, measuring 11.7*9.5*4.5cm and weighing only 180g. Little and light, made for kids.

wifi camera printer for kids

Q: What age range is this model suitable for? 

A: Children 5 years old and older should use this model. Ages 5 to 12 are ideal. Younger children can play with parental supervision and direction. 

Q: Is delivery free? How far do you ship? 

A: Worldwide shipping is free for all of our products. The delivery method is an ordinary post package, which takes 7 to 15 days to reach most countries. The difference will be paid if a quicker shipping method is necessary. 

Q: 3 Do I need to buy batteries?

A: Children’s cameras have built-in batteries and customers do not need to buy batteries. Kids can walk around with a camera and play.

Q: Must I purchase batteries? 

A: Customers do not need to purchase batteries because children’s cameras already come with them. Children can play while roaming about with cameras.¬†

Q: Can I use the camera without a memory card?

A: It is not necessary to have a memory card to print. Memory cards are needed for storage for photography and video features. We advise purchasing memory cards. 

Q: Are there games on the camera? 

A: Yes, there are stickers and games on this instant print camera. 

Q: Do I need to order ink?

A: No. This children’s camera uses thermal printing technology and does no need ink.

Q: Should I place an order for ink? 

A: No. The thermal printing technique used by this kid’s camera eliminates the need for ink.


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